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My name is Martín Gascón and I am a Senior Data Scientist and former Nuclear Physicist with a passion for science and technology.

What I do

What I do

I work as Senior Data Scientist for Intertek, a multinational company with more than 40,000 employees worldwide. Working for Intertek, I have developed a comprehensive energy database and created INGRID a web application with the largest database on power plant operations. I also analyzed large datasets for numerous energy projects including coal, gas and renewable energies and I have developed programs and algorithms to predict the impact of renewable energy on fossil fuel plants.

As Data Scientist, I like the challenges of finding hidden correlations on large datasets. I enjoy exploring nature and its complicated ways expressing itself. I always thought there were simpler equations to explain complicated phenomena. I enjoy traveling, playing guitar, photography, and overall discovering how things work.

A brief Bio!

A Brief Bio!

This all started when I was 14 after reading "A Brief History of Time" by Stephen Hawking. Captivated and enlightened by this book, I started thinking about human beings and how they are able to explain their universe with such a great detail.

Originally from Argentina, I got my PhD in Nuclear Physics in 2010. My PhD thesis was about detectors for the study of nuclear reactions with radioactive beams at relativistic energies.

As a postdoctoral scholar at Stanford University and Research Physicist at Berkeley National Laboratory, I developed radiation detectors for national security applications. I have attended more than 20 international conferences and published 40 articles in peer-review journals.

Almost two years ago, I transitioned into Data Science. I believe, my background gives me an advantage on this task and find exciting the benefits that can be extracted from the almost unexplored world of big data.

In short!

Intertek, Power Group
Senior Data Scientist

Berkeley National Laboratory
Research Physicist

Stanford University
Postdoctoral Fellow

USC, Spain
PhD Experimental Nuclear Physics

U. Zaragoza, Spain
B.S./M.S. Physics

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My present and past work life

Data Science Projects

Traveling, Photography, Computers, Guitar, and Billiards.

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